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Candela, post: 10056 wrote:
Thanks for the information Adam it was very useful. You made a fair point about the no name no letter policy. I’ve never been a fan of writing a letter to “The manager” and I find its even hard to do a follow up call when you don’t know who to talk to. Like most people and from what others have said on other threads, I HATE cold calling, but anyway that’s for another topic.

Oh and ps, just for everyone out there who needs to know … the way you do it is this…

First thing in the morning you make a phone call and speak to the receptionist,

“Hi Amy how are you today? Great! Amy I’m calling from Business Writers Anonymous and I’m just doing an update of our database, can I just grab the name of your managing director? Thanks!”

9 times out of 10 you’ll get the name you need.

DO NOT call straight back. In fact, normally I would leave it 24 hours to make the next call.

If you call and ask for the MD you’ll get blocked EVERY time.