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I like Leela’s reply. She is right on the dot. Another thing you can try if it fits your business structure is to try and be different. (Be different-explained later in this post)

When you call people the chances of speaking to someone who actually has the right to make a decision are slim. You usually get the gate keeper (a secretary or someone similar).

The best way to get through the important person in the company is by direct mail. Most people have forgotten about this old method. It works very well if you put a personal touch to it. (Be different).
Now first you need to figure out if it is worth doing as sending out direct mail has its cost attached. I recommend you do the 100 customer test. Draft 2 to 3 letters (with personal touch to it) and send each letter to 100 customers.

This way you will test which letter works and which does not. To track the letters include a code. For example you can say: Get a free quote.. etc.. or get 10%discount with this promotional code…
So when you receive the code you can track it back to the letter you sent out.

What is personal touch?

This is something, a marketing secret that people would charge thousands of dollars for. For example: In your letter you can say: Get a FREE quote.. No strings attached. And on the actual letter you can attach a small nice looking string.

This will get your customers attention like nothing else.
Hope this gave you some good ideas you can implement in your business.

Good luck