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Hi Fiona

me again – you could try and get in contact with the BEC here in the Shire on networking groups and workshops and/or mentors. You’ll also find a few other networking groups as BNI, Business Women Network or Rendezvous online if you want to stay local. The Council runs a trade show for small businesses once a year

What helped me (and still helps) a lot is being a member of the Australian Graphic Design Association. Firstly because it gives your a certain accreditation and you can display your work to a wider audience. I get regular phone calls and inquiries and got 2 new clients already out of it this year.

Set your hourly rate wisely and watch the competition on theirs.
$3000 for a logo and stationery might be a bit over the top for certain markets as start ups (unless it includes the printing) but selling it for less than $1000 (without printing) can put you quickly into the ‘cheap’ corner and it’s hard to get out of that.