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Tristan Boyd
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Astrid, post: 10103 wrote:
you could try and get in contact with the BEC here in the Shire on networking groups and workshops and/or mentors. You’ll also find a few other networking groups as BNI, Business Women Network or Rendezvous online if you want to stay local.

I think that is great advice. Step 1. Join a networking group.

I started out doing just graphic design. My prices started far too cheap and it took years to bring them up to a point where I was making money. In hind sight, I should have charged more from the outset, so be careful with pricing. (ballpark, no less than $75 / hour)

I also hired business coaches very early. I am not sure if it’s because the coaches lacked experience in my industry, lacked experience dealing with soloists, or if I was too busy/disorganised or just too inexperienced to execute their advice effectively, but it was a waste of money. Don’t get a coach until you know exactly what you want them to do for you.

Check out this website: http://www.creativepublic.com/

I found these guys early and the templates they provided for breifing, quoting, flyers, copyright etc… were great. I ended up re-doing everything, but this got me started, and filled all the gaps. (I.e. things I had not thought of).

Get a good invoicing system. Check out freshbooks. If I was to do things again, I would probably use this system. One of our suppliers uses it, and it’s great for managing customer debts. Customers can log in and see their invoices and balance. It will save you a LOT of admin time.