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Congratulations on you new Business,

hopefully it will be a profitable one soon.

Some great comments so far.

You have donr the right thing by coming here and trying to learn. There are many smart ppl here that can help and mant ppl needing graphic designers on regular bases, inclooding me.

ok few steps i can recccomend.

1. as someone mentioned dont price yourself out of work. find out the current rates and stick within them. once you establish and ppl know about you and your work they will pay more for a good design.

2. do what you are doing now, communicate and meat ppl. this is a greatplace for that.

3. post some info about yourself. sitepoint is a good way to go. usualy ppl searching for designers there are not looking for a cheap deal but good design.

Hope this helps a littl.


Will keep you in mind when i need work done.