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I have successfully started a number of online businesses and it has been great, its something you can work on whenever you like where ever you like.

But there is so much that goes into starting an online business, depending on your idea it can be just as challenging if not more so than starting an off-line business.

Aside form your idea, very basic things you need to think about are;

– Who is going to design the site for your? – Can they support you throughout the life of the business, not just give you a site and never be heard of again!
– Where is the site going to be hosted, what sort of traffic do you think you are going to need? How many hits do you think you will get?
– Will you sell directly off the site, or use affiliate or advertising methods to generate income?
– Internet marketing & SEO, how will you make your site stand out from the billions of other sites online?
– How will you secure and protect customer data?

That’s just the start, I suggest that if you have no webby type internet skills to partner up with a friend or a small company that can guide you along the way.. it will save you a lot of time and hopefully make you money faster!