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Find something you’re passionate about or a hobby you like, see how you could do it in different forms, ie do you launch an online store, do you offer marketing consultancy, do you create a blog and develop a network around this.

See if an ebay hobby could be of use or look at emerging technologies and maybe assisting other people with your marketing skills.

It’s amazing how many people out there are reviewing these steps. I’m in the same boat with launching bugbat.com.au, moatgroup.com.au and itsgroup.com.au – all different passions of mine and also some other things I like the idea of testing the water with and seeing if they make some money and open up new doors.

One thing I always think of, is that there are so many like minded people who want to make money and launch their own business, I don’t see why a collaborative group isn’t set up that utilises everyone’s skills to develop a business that eventually takes on the big boys.. If you think of how many people on this site alone could work together in different fields, it would be a pretty awesome offering.

Good luck either way..