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Amber, do you have an accountant? If not, you really do need one. Their fees are tax deductible and a good accountant will help you to make the right decisions.

Unless there are accountants here, none of us are really qualified to give that kind of advise but we might be able to give you general comments.

ABNs cost nothing to get and you can apply online. My daughter provides teaching services and consulting on a casual basis and she has an ABN and it is used for her tax papers.

My understanding is that if you’re not registered for GST you cannot claim it. But I could be wrong on that (perhaps check the ATO website).

You don’t have to register a business name, you can legally operate under your own name. But if you do get one you’ll need to get a bank account in that name so that cheques or payments made out in the business name can be deposited.

I can’t answer re Centrelink as I haven’t had to deal with them for many years.

All the best with your plans.