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I never expected that many of you to say “don’t do it!!” I’m really surprised but then maybe shouldn’t be since we’re all solo-preneurs and therefore used to doing it all on our own.

Because the business is only very young (and hence not paying me much at all), I was/am loathe to outsource too much, mostly due to fear of cost. On the other hand, if I had my time free to grow the business (because I’d be free of admin) then I’d grow enough to justify the expenditure!

I’ve sent some feelers out about business anyway and not surprisingly am finding very few who are interested, AND I find myself feeling even more proprietary than usual.

For those curious, I already operate out of commercial premises, and I have a part-time pastry chef. I was thinking partner (rather than employee) because I want (ideally) someone who can meet with potential clients *and* (for example) help formulate a new marketing plan. I really need to think hard about what things I could outsource in order to free my time up for plan-making!

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I’ll be coming back to this thread I’m sure!

Michelle (who, it should be said, loves her job! :) )