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Astrid, I think your friend must have been looking at the same forum I had just very recently, because that is where I have seen it.

That is a forum to do with video production in general and mostly by people who run solo or small businesses. The particular thread where reference to that video was had been started by someone fed up with the way clients would treat contacts and the conditions thereof.

I won’t bore you with ALL the details, but essentially he had put forward a suggested form of contract that was written according to what would often happen, not what should happen. The client was to be given every right to change and modify conditions at will, on a whim and for no particular reason.

The videographer (who shall be henceforth referred to as The Dummy) was to have no right of objection to any change, should be prepared to accept changes made at any time, the delivery deadline was to be adhered to despite any aforesaid changes, the Client was to be able to call said Dummy up at any time of the night or weekend etc. and Dummy was to constrain temper at all times, Dummy must be prepared to work around the clock to meet said deadline regardless of family crisis/birthdays/funerals etc.

Many additions were suggested by fellow forum members. I think even the idea of surrendering ones first born as surety was suggested. You get the idea then I guess, that we are not alone whatever working pursuit we may follow!!!!!

Fellow soloists, please feel free (with Astrids permission) to add whatever contractual conditions you may feel appropriate for your situation!?