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Abby Eagle
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LeelaCosgrove, post: 10255 wrote:
Interesting – could work if you did it right … the stop smoking hypnosis stuff went mental for a while there, I knew SO many people who bought into it … no one seemed to do very well from it, so you’d want to make sure the business backend was there … otherwise it tends to be a shortlived high … QUOTE]

There is a lot of hype in the weight loss and stop smoking area. Take weight loss for example. The best a surgeon can do is a gastric bandage? Others sell meal replacement sachets. As if the customer is not able to control their own food intake. They might create millions of dollars in business but these types of products don’t respect the integrity of the customer. My self hypnotherapy product can be used to stop smoking, lose weight, make better food choices, banish problem foods from the diet – without will power or feeling that you are starving yourself. In fact this product builds feelings of happiness, love and confidence so that you have no desire for junk food. And what is very intriguing is that the unconsious mind just naturally makes food choices that are beneficial to the person… and what is quite interesting is that these food choices don’t match the politically correct diet. And i wonder why? :)

It can also be used to identify the influences on a health problem. For example to identify the root causes of migraine for a couple of women took only a few minutes. And the great thing about hypnosis is that there are no negative side effects.

LeelaCosgrove, post: 10255 wrote:
Sales and marketing are learned skills and my suggestion would be that you need to go and at least get a grounding in them. If you don’t, you’ll spend far too much time in the hands of others – which means a) you have no control of your own destiny and b) you are open to being screwed over … QUOTE]

Actually i have a decent background in sales and marketing. I worked as a marketing consultant for a number of years. I also build my own websites and understand most facets of internet marketing, and have had some degree of success in selling a recipe book. But the problem is that it makes such strong demands on one’s time. Too much for one person to do, hence the reason why i am searching for people to help in different areas of my business.