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TaniB, post: 10268 wrote:
Hello Di and welcome to a fellow Sunshine Coaster!

You are right to be cautious about revealing too much too soon. I am a bit rusty on all of this but my recollection is that the law doesn’t offer protection for an idea. Copyright will protect the original expression of an idea (maybe your working drawings of the bag) and if it’s an original design or patentable development, you need to get your design or patent applications in before you release the bag to the general public. Spend some time on the IP Australia website http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au and you’ll learn a lot about protecting your intellectual property in the best way possible.

I think it may have been Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad who regrets not having taken the proper steps to protect his velcro wallet invention only to have it ripped off by other manufacturers and there was little he could do about it.

I hope everything comes together for you and look forward to following your progress.


Thanks Tani

I have noted the website. I have been told that a product only needs to be altered 5% to be reproduced which sounds a bit easy.