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Jill, post: 15095 wrote:
ooo I feel some chocolate hedgehog slice coming on… or maybe a caramel slice mmm

lets make it next week? I havent been in Perth too long, so can someone suggest a nice cafe that has a decent range of delicious cakes?

Cuppa, cake, and chat, lets say Tuesday or Thursday? 10am? Where? Vic Park cafe strip? Scarbs? Maybe up in the hills…?

Mmmm…. Now you’ve got me drooling!! There is a cafe in Subiaco, Next to the trainstation – in where woolsworth is… Its called Cafe Cafe. They have an upstair area… not many people realise its there, but its great. Instead of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they have couches – Or you used to anyways, last time I was there! :)

I am not sure about the cakes, but I am sure they would have good ones. I know they have nice gourmet grilled turkish breads/ paninis and all that jazz…

Would somewhere like that be a good place to go??

As for a day and time, I would prefer later in the morning around lunch or arvo, if at all possible – I would have to come from Baldivis and traffic heading into town in the morning is absolutely ridiculous!! But -Thursday sounds great!