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Adam Randall
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prepaidplans, post: 10346 wrote:
What I was thinking of doing was sharing this experience with the small business public and people who have an online idea and want to try working from home. The ideal example is a cleaner who has their own business and would like a website. They could go out and get it designed for $1000+ or they could do it themselves for under $200.

If they want to do it themselves then all they need is access to Googles home page, the information is already there and its free.

The problem with that is, you start explaining DNS and what you need to do etc to the average person on paper, they are going to run a mile no matter how simple it actually is.

Also its not just setting up the web site, but a range of other factors, where do they point their MX record to? How do they setup the reverse lookup to prevent domain spoofing. Do they need backup DNS services. Like all these technologies the difference between setting it up to work and setting it up properly is a fair margin.

The average web designer just like the average tiler, plumber, cleaner is going to have a range of tricks that are obvious after 4 or 5 years of experience and which they make look simple, so simple that it makes the average person think, well Im going to have a crack at that, just remember time is money.

If said cleaner spent 40 hours (and thats conservative) figuring out how to use even the simplest CMS system and then creating his own site, he may as well of just paid someone to do to it and save the agravation, he would probably much prefer to be cleaning than pulling his/her hair out when he realises that nobody told him that he would also have to know how to do image optimisation and figure out how to crop and resize for the web or that he needs to know how to use layering in an image program that he is not even sure he owns to create the logo he wants and why is this not included in the $200 after all it was advertised as all inclusive & simple!!!