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Adam Randall
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exstatic, post: 10468 wrote:
They don’t need to know or even be told about HTML, DNS, MX Records, Name Servers etc.. They want to be able to do what they do in MS Word but for a website, and not need to worry about setting up FTP servers, hosting accounts etc.. it all gets too hard for them.

These days this is all automated and all the small business needs to do is choose a domain, some email addresses and then the ‘computer’ does the rest.

How do you know what they want before you have asked?
What happens if they have an exchange server as most small businesses do?
What happens when there logo cannot go in the position they want?
What happens when they want their email on their 4 desktops setup to send and receive using the domain name?
What happens when their email is important enough that they dont want to lose any if the web host/DNS goes down?

The OP is talking about an unbiased guide to setting up a web site from scratch, CMS is only part of that and if it was that simple, which its not I would be doing it.