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Adam Randall
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Burgo, post: 10375 wrote:
I’ll second that
Very true what Leela has said
You need to learn how to sell
You need to understand your product
and You must have faith in your self

Notice its all about YOU

Do you think there is a point that you may know your product too well?

I find sometimes getting asked a question about a particular product. The client wants a simple answer, because of my understanding of the product, I know there is no simple answer.

I am thinking at a higher level about the product I am selling and have about 7 different scenarios hanging of the one simple question.

Of course during this I am uming and ahing and probably give the impression I do not really know what I am talking about when in actual fact I know more than most.

Then take someone who has a superficial knowledge of my product, and they sound like an expert, manage to get the client interested all the while not really understanding the technical details of what they are talking about.

We have this exact thing in our office at the moment.