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Hi TinaBMX- welcome to the forum.

I give customers a high priced product for nothing,
what I sell them and take lots of money for is the service the product provides, in my case it happens to be stopping flies and mozzies getting into your home using high quality screen doors etc. Believe me there are lots of cheaper ways to do what i do but just not as well, so it costs more!!

A high priced luxury item is often easier to sell, because of your pre determined market, you know only 10% of the population will ever be able to afford it, you can work the numbers from there onwards.

Sellers of a service have it just as hard and expensive as those of us who sell a physical product. A service provider still sells a product in my mind, their product is the expertise or skill for us to be able to do something we cannot.

Example – A web designer can sell you a cheap (functional) website, or one that has every option imaginable that will do a lot more, the product you have bought is the ability to have your customers find and use your website so that you can do business. Their costs to research, learn, develop and build are not dissimilar really

It is timely to remind ourselves of what the word “Assume” means – to assume makes an ASS out of You and Me

Just a few thoughts

Regards Tony