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Hey Graeme,

Hmmm … the domain should only cost you $15 / year – where ever you’re getting $120 from – forget it! Go to a website like crazydomains.com.au

Business name: if you set up as a sole proprietor it’ll normally cost around $75-$80 to register the business name.

The web design is where the cost will definitely be … there’s a bunch of designers on here … personally, I highly recommend Indra at:


Her websites are cost effective, but she’s ALL about making you money – understands e-commerce and marketing and has some AWESOME partners that will REALLY help as your business grows.

I can’t tell you how much it will cost, but I know her prices are highly competitive. She did a fully integrated landing page for me for less than $600.

I’m not going to say anything about insurance because I am not qualified to give that kind of advice … totally the kind of thing that can easily backfire on you … :)

The other big cost you need to think about is sales and marketing. What’s your plan to drive traffic to your website and to push sales? Do you have a copywriter you are planning on using? How will you market on and offline to ensure you get the work you need to make this a self-sustaining venture?