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Hi Erin,

Looking forward to meeting you all at Albany Creek on the 28th.

Is it OK to spread the word to try and get other soloists there?

Onwards & Upwards

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Virtual.Assistant, post: 12884 wrote:
Good evening one and all!

The very first meeting of Solo Connections has been postponed to 28th September. This is due to the venue being unavailable on the date we originally intended to meet.
But not to fret, this simply gives us more time to muster additional guests.

We’d love for each of you to mention Solo Connections to other Soloists in order to generate a great outcome on the morning. The details of the very first Solo Connections meeting are;

Monday 28 Sept
Albany Creek Coffee Club

Please feel free to suggest interested parties to me directly so I am able to add them to the mailing list. We have secured a speaker to showcase his business and offer a talk on IT related matters which will be highly valuable to all participants. More details will be shared closer to the date.

A topic of group discussion for the first meeting was suggested to be “keeping motivated as an entrepreneur,” so have a think about any tips and tricks you might share with the group regarding staying on task whilst working solo.

In the meanwhile, I look forward to any suggestions offered regarding the group. Have a great weekend Soloists, we look forward to learning all about your solo businesses!

Kind Regards

Erin Williams
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