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Hi Erin,

Whoops, I didn’t get your messages – I thought they were emailed to me by this system and hadn’t logged into the message board – so I turned up at the Coffee Club this morning.

Three of us met up and stayed anyway, spending some time bouncing ideas around. A shame there wasn’t more us, perhaps we can work out a fail safe email communication method for next time?

If it’s possible to get the meet up slightly closer to Bellbowrie that would be good – Rosalie or somewhere perhaps?

Virtual.Assistant, post: 14699 wrote:
Hi all,

at this stage, too few people have confirmed attendance for Monday morning.

Anyone wishing to confirm definite attendance, please email me at [email protected] asap.

I shall send a confirmation email regarding the meeting on Sunday afternoon, as to whether the meeting shall proceed or not.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Erin Williams
Perikai Virtual Assistance