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Hi Leela

Although we are coming from totally different angles and backgrounds, I enjoy reading your postings.

Just one (honest) question that came up reading this one. Your name and your face (and your writing style) are the face of your company – no question about that. So maybe you can live without a logo.
But what if you want to step back from the executive role and let others do the work – will your business be able to continue without ‘a face’? A brand? Or is this something you accept or even planned? What if you want to sell your business?

I would recommend to have a logo and a CI (doesn’t need to be sophisticated) before you start anything else – so that you can build up on it and arrange all further marketing products around it. Otherwise your public ‘face’ can easily be all over the place, which I personally think looks unprofessional. Even Starbucks with all their advertising bucks rely on their green and white circle.

Then BC and website, then email newsletter at last.

Just my 2 cents.