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Astrid, post: 10500 wrote:
Hi Leela

Although we are coming from totally different angles and backgrounds, I enjoy reading your postings.

Just one (honest) question that came up reading this one. Your name and your face (and your writing style) are the face of your company – no question about that. So maybe you can live without a logo.
But what if you want to step back from the executive role and let others do the work – will your business be able to continue without ‘a face’? A brand? Or is this something you accept or even planned? What if you want to sell your business?

I would recommend to have a logo and a CI (doesn’t need to be sophisticated) before you start anything else – so that you can build up on it and arrange all further marketing products around it. Otherwise your public ‘face’ can easily be all over the place, which I personally think looks unprofessional. Even Starbucks with all their advertising bucks rely on their green and white circle.

Then BC and website, then email newsletter at last.

Just my 2 cents.

Hey Astrid,

I don’t recommend NEVER branding – I just don’t think it’s a priority.

I have pulled back, I don’t do the writing work anymore, my team handles that. I have a logo (I got it designed this year in my fourth year in business) – but personally I’d be VERY surprised if anyone remembers it.

The sale price of my business is not dependent on a logo. It’s dependent on my lists, the quality of my work, the reputation I’ve built up around my business. That has NOTHING to do with my logo.

And, importantly, “brand” to me is a LOT more than logo. You could totally live COMPLETELY without a logo as long as people knew your business and your business name and understood the quality of your work.

Starbucks doesn’t rely on their logo.

Even McDonald’s doesn’t rely on their logo.

Neither do Coke.

Sure, you KNOW their logo – but would their businesses collapse tomorrow if they got rid of the logos altogether? It seems to be accepted conventional wisdom that you MUST have a logo – but I’m not so sure. I’m not convinced that any of these businesses would be any less successful if they didn’t have a logo. People don’t buy McDonald’s because of the golden arches.

I’m not saying don’t have one – I’m saying that if you don’t have

a) a website
b) business cards
c) a CRM
d) a way to communicate with your clients

Get that stuff sorted out before you worry about spending money on a Logo.

As I say, I am only now, after four years, starting to look at my branding … getting cohesion across my products, making things look standard.

Yes, do it.

But no, don’t do it first.

If I had of branded in my first three years of business it would have been a waste of time and money … it’s becoming more important now, but there are other things I would rate above it.