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Digiwise, post: 10522 wrote:
Fair enough. You can (and I have in the past) use Australian providers through Elance. I agree it’s hard if your not sure what to ask for, but it’s also hard to find good providers locally if your not sure what to ask for. Anyway, I’m happy to help in this area if you like, but I don’t mean to be pushy if you don’t think it works for you.

You’re not pushy :-) I need to understand more about how my website (in particular) looks – I’m just using a standard Joomla template

You can mail merge to email from an Excel list and you can export/import between Excel and Outlook. You could also just use Outlook (there is an extension Business Contacts Manager that comes with some versions of Office that includes basic CRM functions).

Thanks for the tips!

Haven’t had time to look at it properly yet – I should stop posting on forums and get on with it :-)