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Hi Bruce,
My company has experience in four of the five things that you mentioned (we don’t work with CRM’s) so we might be good fit for you. Our speciality is branding and marketing strategy.

Our portfolio link is below if you’d like to have a look:
View Engage Marketing’s Branding Portfolio

In regards to the discussion about the benefits of branding, I think that good branding adds value to any company, and exceptional branding can add enormous value. Coca Cola are fantastic at branding and get enormous value out of everything from their brand (the typeface, the swirl, the colour). It allows them to cut through the clutter of being faced with hundreds of logo’s every day, and subconsciously effect the mind just by displaying their signature colour in a store. It’s called Emotional branding and they use a lot of neuromarketing to subconsciously effect the brain – it’s going to cause a lot of controversy in the next 10 years!!