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Virtual.Assistant, post: 10498 wrote:
Clancy it DOES help. When you say you haven’t seen a clear message as to what I really do and who for, do you mean task-wise?
I have a list of services on my web-site, however I’ve only been contracted to date for the more in-depth tasks. For example, over the weekend I proof-read a book written by a client. During the prior week I compiled a 90 page report on current estates across SE QLD which are under development, as well as sourced commercial land for a development project. The week before I composed a report based on 50 questionnaires a client had received.

I could go on and on, but what I do varies so much from week to week. One week I am composing the content of a website, the next I’m ghost writing articles.

If I want someone to touch up the paint in my house, I would be more likely to ring a painter than a handy man, even if the handy man was capable and had a lower price. On the other hand, if I knew the handy man already, happenned to meet them face-to-face or was referred to the handy man then it could be a different story.

My point is that when selling face-to-face or through an existing network, you can afford to be broad, but when you’re trying to sell yourself through the web (and other media) people need to feel a closer alignment between their needs and your abilities. (I certainly don’t claim to be a sales expert or even an experienced seller, but this feels true for me as a business person and as a consumer).

I would suggest when marketing yourself on the web, you need to be very specific, even if you end up working more broadly.

Virtual.Assistant, post: 10498 wrote:
Could you also go into a little more detail about your comment on “Virtual Assistant” being a misleading label? I found this to be really interesting as you are not the first person to mention something similar!

I think it’s been said in other threads, but “Virtual Assistant” to me implies someone in India that I hire through Elance at a low price to do menial tasks. While broad, your tasks seem to be quite skilled – perhaps more than an “Assistant” and if I remember correctly you are in Australia and this gives you an advantage over people who have to be more “virtual” due to their location and local awareness.

I can’t think of a better title off the top of my head, but perhaps before you worry about your title you need to determine the specialisation you are going to focus on (your “Who and do What Statement” as it is called in Book Yourself Solid).