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Hi Stuart,

Firstly, you should be applauded for submitting your site for feedback. Very brave! And good business idea. Please take all my comments either positively or constructively – there is no negative intent……

1. I like the logo. Not overly complicated. Ties in the room concept well.

2. The overall colour scheme (esp the logo, banner image, menu, featured spaces etc boxes) feels consistent and is pleasing to the eye

3. The Can We Help button is a great idea. Looks good. Links well to your contact form

4. The footer on the home page is different to the sub-pages (c.f. About Us footer). The sub-page footer is great. Simple, perfectly functional. Don’t change a thing, except….

5. I would personally move this sentence “Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the storeroomrental.com” into the User Agreement itself. Its distracting having that random text in the footer when all the rest is links.

6. Consider using the font/layout style you’ve used on the About Us page on the home page text (or something else). I appreciate you’re trying to fill that middle space on the home page, but the home page text just looks tacky and it brings down the other positive elements on the page.

7. Nix the Aussie flag on the banner. Appreciate you’re trying to localise it, but it really doesn’t work. Compare sites like http://www.ibm.com/au or http://www.accenture.com/Countries/Australia/default.htm They are global companies that are able to convey that its the Australian version without shoving a big flag in the user’s face.

8. Great concept on the Refer a Friend. Consider changing the wording to be “Thank you for…” instead of “Thanks for….”. Feels too colloquial. Also, could there be a 5% discount to further incentivise friend referrals?

9. Go to http://browsershots.org/ and check out the layout in different browsers. The “FIND YOUR IDEAL STORAGE SPACE” text doesn’t fit into its box (am using Firefox 3.0.11 on Ubuntu Linux 9.04).

10. Join Us feels a little misleading. My actual first reaction was that you were hiring (i.e. lots of companies say join us when they mean “work here”). Consider saying something like “Sign Up”, “Register”, etc.

11. Consider putting a “Pricing” menu & page. Its one of the first questions people are going to have in their mind. Its good that its on the registration page, but address it more directly.

12. When you click on the About Us link from the home page footer, it opens a new tab. Poor form. Just open it in the same window.

I’m not a designer, and couldn’t design your site better if I tried. Just feedback from a prospective user.

Best of luck with your business. Well done!