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As Australia’s #1 Information Product Specialist, let me tell ya …


Ebooks are so 1996. They’re left over from a time when you couldn’t do anything cool or funky … video, audio, etc- none of it was possible.

You can make 12 times the cash by taking the information and turning it into a different kind of product …

AND that product will be easier to sell …

Hard copy books are great, but they should be the last on your list of product suite. They take too much time and too much money to produce – you need to have all of your other stuff sorted out first …

Don’t price the book too high, remember you don’t have as much publishing costs so people don’t want to pay a hefty price if they aren’t getting something ‘physical’.

I disagree COMPLETELY!!!! It’s not about the format, it’s about the VALUE you provide! I know people who sell online reports, 10-20 pages for US$500. WHY? Because the people who buy it know that they’ll make US$5,000 from the report.

It’s a total fallacy that you can’t charge as much for online stuff as you can for physical stuff.

The medium has nothing to do with the price!