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LeelaCosgrove, post: 10718 wrote:
As Australia’s #1 Information Product Specialist, let me tell ya …


Ebooks are so 1996. They’re left over from a time when you couldn’t do anything cool or funky … video, audio, etc- none of it was possible.

You can make 12 times the cash by taking the information and turning it into a different kind of product …

AND that product will be easier to sell …

Hard copy books are great, but they should be the last on your list of product suite. They take too much time and too much money to produce – you need to have all of your other stuff sorted out first …

I disagree COMPLETELY!!!! It’s not about the format, it’s about the VALUE you provide! I know people who sell online reports, 10-20 pages for US$500. WHY? Because the people who buy it know that they’ll make US$5,000 from the report.

It’s a total fallacy that you can’t charge as much for online stuff as you can for physical stuff.

The medium has nothing to do with the price!


I agree with some of what you say, I think it really comes down to what Richard wants to get out of the book/resource he is offering.. from what I could tell it was to just pay the costs of his site.. not necessarily be a primary product offering for him.. hence I went down the ebook path, low costs to set up and can be a really nice value add, that is fairly easy to produce, host and offer electronically.

Sure he could look at videos, podcasts, live streams, widgets, apps and so on.. but they have the potential to take up considerably more time to get off the ground if you don’t know what your doing.

If it was a primary product offering, then sure.. look at more stable innovative mediums, and value your product appropriately based on how you value the content.

I am by no means and Information Product Specialist, but I do know that in the correct niche/industry ebooks really have got legs and can be an excellent offering to your exisiting product portfolio for a very low upfront cost. They are Easy to produce and sell well, and can be a great extra incentive to your client/membership base.