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Zim man
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Hi Kak
When i started, i stressed about my freight costs alot and got a lot of quotes from courier companies. Because i started small, it was not worth it at the time to go with a courier company due to their minimum volume requirements as well as using web based programes ( i had dial up at the time). My order packages are small (but not fragile) 500grams up to 7kg with an average of 3kg. I have found auspost to be pretty good.

Do you charge clients for freight? I do not at this stage (part of my market penetration plan). If your clients are paying for it, give them what they want and are willing to pay for. I asked my clients and none of them had a definitive opinion on it. I try and keep my postage and packaging purchases to less than 3% of turnover. That is a figure that i have decided that i am happy with and so far it works for me.

I plan at this stage to stick with auspost, purely for the simplicity of it. When my volume grows i will look at it then. I also buy boxes in volume from Auspost because of the discount i get for it as well as the fact that they use less tape than standard boxes from Office works, which means less man hours for me and a faster packing time. This system works for me, but alot depends on adapting it to your specific needs like

  • type of product
  • how fragile
  • speed of delivery
  • tracking
  • price
  • insurance requirements if any

I hope my babbling has been of some help to you.

good luck