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Hi , I’ve been thinking about the same business half year ago for my wife. But at the end we didn’t buy. As other people said, the average investment retrun for NSW is about 4-4.5 years. In some cases, it is not worth for the $ and hours you spend everyday.

The average gross profit return for stams is about 8%, the average stationary sales is about 12%. Also you will get $0.70 to $0.90 commission for every bill paid ( depends its water bill or gas bill). If the guranteed profit return can cover your fixed cost, this will be a very safe LPO. Guranteed profit i meant the profit from PO Box rental.

It really depends if you want to buy yourself a job or a business or a business opportunity. There are some good ones in western Sydney area, you can check the ones in st Chair, not sure if this one still for sale or not.

Good luck