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I thought I would follow up on this thread in case anyone is interested.

I went and had a chat with e-cbd and liked what I heard. So I engaged them initially to help with a new logo.

They basically use 99designs.com but they were up-front about this and gave me the option to go direct, but I decided to get them to manage the ‘competition’ for me for their standard hourly rate.

It was a mistake, I still had to write the brief myself, I had little feedback on what I’d written, they just posted the brief as I’d written it with no changes at all, even though I’d asked for some links to be added, they weren’t.

OK I got the brief changed, but then trying to get them to post the feedback to the designers was like pulling teeth, the whole idea of 99designs is that you give the designers feedback and ratings and can ask them to make changes to their design. This required a quick turn-around within e-cbd to get the comments on 99designs, this simply didn’t happen. In fact the account manager who I was dealing with was on holiday for the last day and a half of the competition and its only because I emailed the director to find out why my comments weren’t getting posted that I found this out.

I got a logo, but who knows whether with better management by e-cbd it would have been better or not?

Maybe as a soloist I was expecting too much of larger marketing company being attentive to my needs? All I know is that from my point of view the service I received certainly wasn’t good enough, and I will definitely *not* be using them again.

I guess at least I found this out on a relatively small piece of work where it didn’t have too much impact, who knows what might have happened on a more extensive work package?

I hope this is of some use to someone else one day.

Cheers, Steve.