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Whiteboards are good for scribbling ideas. But for crossing out tasks, I suggest the action machine, it’s great software tool to save you time, and organise your time more effectively. Comes with a timer as well, so you don’t get distracted and focus on your goal.

I find that I am too easily distracted, and not focus. I’ve basically wasted years and years of my time, simply because I am not focused in whatever I do. Everytime I do something my mind will wander off in it’s own train of thoughts, getting into subconscious day dreaming. lol.. someone needs to wake me up, then I’m aware of what I’m doing.. but soon go to dream again.

Haha.. I’m sure a minority of you people here are like me too.. how much do you hate it.. I’ve basically wasted years.. of my time on these constant daydreaming.

Well, get back to the point, the action machine has helped me remember on the task I’m currently supposed to do, or meant to be doing in a few hours time. It is better than a calender software, as it has a clear layout, with timer to save you time.