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I could not live without my two A4 spiral bound books – one lined, one visual diary. I’m always writing lists and ideas in the lined one and always sketching and brainstorming in the visual diary. I take them everywhere with me, along with a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil. As soon as one is finished it is replaced quick smart! :)

I agree with Word Mistress, I like to cross things off (or put an enthusiastic big tick at the end) with the added bonus of keeping a record. It’s good to look back and see where I’m being productive (and notice the glaring consistently unticked item that appears on every list – hmmm avoidance?? :))

I’ve never used a whiteboard but I like the idea of it being a visual aid in addition to my books. Might pick up a smaller one and give it a go. Also love the idea of whiteboard paint. My friend painted a chalkboard wall in her kitchen and it’s good fun :)