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Teena Hughes
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I know how disappointing this can be, and over the years I’ve tried to come up with ways to help streamline business processes by pinpointing what the problem or glitch is, then working backwards to find a way to hopefully eliminate/reduce it.

In this case, perhaps there’s a bit of room for you to ‘educate’ your potential customers and prospects, so they fully understand you’re a human being who is adding their name into your appointment diary.

  • Maybe you could try something like this – the next time someone makes an appointment with you for something similar, keep the converstion going by letting them know you’re “blocking out some time” in your diary, and you’d love it if they have time to have a cop of tea or coffee with you, so you can find out more about their business. (I’m not sure what your business is, so don’t know if this appropriate or not in this case.)
  • You could also say something like, “I’ll absolutely make sure I’m back in the office on time as I’d hate to miss your visit by a few minutes.”
  • You could also mention you will have some great information to exchange with them (your own brochure or flyer) and say out loud that you’re “really looking forward to meeting them” – which makes them feel “heard” and “special”, like they’re not the 50th person you’ve spoken to today.

Once you start to make a ‘connection’ with them, they’ll see you in a different light.

Before you hang up the phone, you could perhaps say something like, “If there’s any chance whatsoever that you can’t make it, would you be able/be so kind as to call/text/email me to let me know? I have another appointment outside my office (or whatever makes sense for you to say) before (or after) yours, and it would really help me if I knew you weren’t able to make it for any reason. Thanks so much for understanding! Looking forward to finally meeting you in person :-)“.

  • Say all of this with a smile in your voice so they start to feel like they’ve just got to know you a bit better.

This has worked for me and others I’ve recommended it to, perhaps it might help you too.

All the very best of luck!