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Hi all,

At first when the feedback came to me about my site, I was hesitant and feeling a little hard done by.

However, since re-reading the posts, you have all contributed fairly and appropriately, in fact your feedback was instrumental in my decision to revamp the site.

I have a little way to go, but would appreciate those following this post to have a look at the new site, before I start getting the SEO going.

Yes there are a few finer graphic issues and a few minor technical things, but this is being addressed over the next few days.

I think it is a huge change, much improved.

Old site: http://www.frankstonkisit.com

New site: http://www.keepitsimpleit.com.au

Also….. I have gotten rid of the original form and created ones for specific interests in certain services I provide.

In summary, as a fellow flying solo member, I could really use the open feedback again please?