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TinaBMX, post: 12312 wrote:
I’ve got a large document to print and bind (around 200 pages). I could print at home but my printer cartridges are expensive and don’t go very far so want to get it done by someone else.

Looking at the officeworks website for under 500 pages they charge 8c per copy/side (black & white). Just wondering if anyone else here gets single documents printed and can advise as to whether that’s fairly standard pricing.

Hey Tina, I saw your post my name is Ben Douglas and I have just started my own website: http://www.printerboy.com.au. You can jump on and get a free quote from multiple printing companies in your area (Printerboy has no fees for customers).

Printerboy brings all the printing companies together and they submit offers for your job. Giving you the best price and you can also view the past feedback and reviews of printing companies.