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I agree with Brightspark,

But one thing that sort of pops out of these discussions is where you can target. I used to run this type of business, and now work with many of these businesses as my resellers.

What you have said lends itself to you focussing on the home space in the first instance. Those of us in this business for a long time will point you towards the business users as they are generally more profitable, but their needs do not necessarily fit to your availability.

The home space allows you to schedule work in evenings/weekends to fit into your schedule better.

The one critical thing here is your lead generation. People don’t just come to you, and it takes a while to build word of mouth. I will suggest that for the home user base, I have seen a few small IT businesses prosper on it, and they use some key tips:
– regular advertising in their local free newspaper, which generally has a trade directory – thats where home users go to find IT people;
– a strong referral program (check out Duct Tape Marketing for ideas)

Also my tips that I learned:
– charge a minimum fee and make it a decent one – price is not a differentiator;
– do not offer credit, people expect to pay tradies when they come out;
– definitely do offer something free – but not something that costs you too much;

PM me if you have any questions – I can put you on to a couple of guys in Canberra who have done this and would be happy to help you.