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congrats on embarking upon your business journey. The website isn’t too bad just make it more personal because at the start of your business, “you” are the brand and you build up the business reputation based on that. Stick in some helpful articles to help drive traffic to your site and establish you as an authority on your services.

As for transitioning from FTE to Small business, see if you can swing a contractor deal with your current job. So instead of being a full time employee you become a contractor to your current organisation. That will give you the freedom to take on other clients. Then you just negotiate 1 day off from your current work where you can focus on uni and other clients…and build up the business like that.

Most people say that you need heaps of cash to start your own business but that depends on your entrepreneurial ability. I started BLKMGK with only $200 and a Ferrari (longgg story!) but it’s really paid off for me and I’ve never looked back. Living the dream is fantastic!

So good luck and congrats on standing out from the crowd and running your own business.