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jan delmas
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Hi Sam

I’ve bought a few ebooks in my time – most have been OK. I’ve also written a few myself.

Anyway, I agree that your sales landing page is too short – most people expect to scroll through and be sold to. Have a look at for some really good tips.

What is expected is the benefits – the what’s in it for me factor as I want you to give me a reason to buy your book. I want to know that I will be a real media pro by the time I’ve finished reading it and you’re going to make it easy for me to be one.

I also think you should announce your book price a bit lower in the sales letter – intrigue your readers first and then tell them the price. You need to capture their attention first to get them to read. Usually you have to show the price a few times between sales copy to capture the waverers. I would also offer a guarantee. Something you’ll refund within 90 days no questions asked if they don’t like it. 99% people won’t ask for their money back even if they don’t like it but they like the security behind the offer.

I would also change the price point of your book. Research, can’t remember from where says we like odd numbers and they should be whole numbers as well. A number with 7 like 27 or 47 is pretty popular. If an e-book is priced too low people wonder if it’s any good. Psychology – who can figure it!

Which reminds me – is it an ebook or a hard-cover book. The site doesn’t say. If it’s an e-book use it as a selling point of being able to download and get started straight away.

And finally is it $US or $AUD. I automatically assumed $US as just about everything is. If it’s not you might want to say that especially if you’re hoping for it to sell everywhere.

Hope I’ve helped a bit.