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Hi Em

Think we need to do coffee! Spoke to Jayne at Flying Solo Live today. When are you next in Brissie?


Openhearted, post: 13137 wrote:
My name is Emelisa
I have had my business for 6 years
It has gone through many changes, including website face lifts, the way i run workshops and now my focus on products.

I have just changed my website again and I have created it so it is simpler
Easy to navigate
I am in the process of changing some information on my workshops
I am “not” a therapist and I want to get that message across in a clear way

I also started doing the markets, re selling my products, that is going to well at the moment.

I have attended a body mind and spirit festival and sold half my stock on that weekend which was brilliant. So I know what I do people like

I am just feeling a little well unsure now
Not very confidant and I seem to outlay more money and energy and get little in return

I tried google ads, doing it myself and having 2 other companies do it, both of them turned out to be hopeless, not to mention the last one took money out of my credit card without permission
( I did get it returned after a few pushes)

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this
Im just feeling a little lost as to what my next direction is
Do I continue
or do I stop

Is it that I am just going about it the wrong way
Is it the financial times right now and people just arent spending

I believe in the power of thought
and right now my thoughts are confused and filled with frustration

Any ideas?