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The Internet Bloke, post: 13407 wrote:
Initially you need to consider things like:
– What you want to do with your website
– What facilities it needs to have
– How much technical expertise you have
– How much time do you want to spend learning technical stuff.

Hi Rob,
I’d like to reinforce the importance of Eric’s approach.

Some other crucial elements that are missing from these discussions are:

a. the knowledge and skill of the person who installs and maintains the CMS.
b. System security and support

Any CMS can kill a website if the person who installs it does not have the knowledge and skills to do so effectively. If you are looking for a CMS to build a classified ad directory, you have much more complex issues to considering than simply publishing a handful of web pages. If you are not a programmer then you will probably need one.

Experienced programmers tend to become adept in a specific CMS. If your site requires complex functions you may find it best to start with evaluating programmers rather than CMSs.

The more popular the open source CMS, the more idiots and worse who are trying to hack it. Try searching on the CMS Help forum for phrases like “hacked website” or “security flaw” to see how many help requests have been posted and how fast the response times. All the CMS brand names mentioned here will collectively have countless thousands of hacking help requests posted in their forums.

If they have a forum category for “bug fixes” or similar check these out and consider whether you have the ability and time to implement these or whether you will need technical support.


John W