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Longtime FS reader but recent forum convert. Hello!

I’ve only recently read this book and I thought it was absolutely fantastic. As someone else pointed out it really does re-look at the way we view income and time in our society. I disagree that money can really buy you anything!

As Kev points out – the book is about freeing up your time. Whether or not you choose to spend that free time on your biz is up to you. Would it truly be your #1 choice? Perhaps it would! Tim certainly has done some interesting things such as winning tango competitions and kickboxing (?) tournaments in Asia with less than 6 months training.. he is a big advocate of “high-intensity learning.” (I do agree is he is a tad over-the-top but credit where credit’s due I suppose!).

The best thing I took from this book is intead of asking ‘am I happy?’ he says ask ‘am I doing anything exciting?’. My answers change dramatically with these questions. Happiness is a fairly ambiguous notion. Whilst I have a very fulfilling life on both the home & work front, I’m not sure how exciting it is!

The book has given my husband and I some pretty fantastic ideas and I look forward to shaping them in 2010! I’m admitting this so you can hold me to it…