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linkartist, post: 20269 wrote:
So I have instead decided to opt out of the taking-advantage-of-poor-people business model and the race-to-the-bottom-price in web design, and now just focus on quality and skill and ROI, rather than just churning out crap.

My Ops Manager is an outsourcing expert and we recently had a chat about this … I was like … hmmm … taking advantage of poor people – and she’s like …

“I was worried about this when I first started working with a VA in India. I asked him if the amount I was paying him, which seemed ridiculously low to me, was a decent pay packet for him. And he was so excited to tell me that his PART TIME pay with me supported his entire family of 6 – that he worked less than anyone he knew and was getting paid a lot more.”

So it’s all relative.

I agree with your other stuff – in order to outsource to other countries you need someone who REALLY gets what they’re doing … otherwise the language barrier and stuff is a real issue. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of things you need to think about that you probably (I know I) hadn’t! Like Non-disclosure, privacy and copyright laws …

I use Louisa at Outsource HQ – she totally gets it.