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Contractor, post: 13512 wrote:
Hi im very new to running my own business and am in the process of setting my Security Installation business up. So please help!

Im guessing if a customer accepts my qoute i should get them to sign something before i start work like my terms & conditions. Im thinking my payment terms can go on here.

What else should be on my Terms & conditions, or where can i get a professional one done??? Any examples would be great to see also.


Hi there;

Who are your competitors or similar industry co-mates? I would suggest doing some investigagting into what current business within your market consider important and necessary to their own terms of trade.

A good place to start if you are unsre of what to consider would be to collect some terms and conditions from industry businesses and see what they have added and how it is relevant to your business.

Regarding a solicitor, why dont you write your own after you have done some research and then just run past a solictor so they can advise on whether it is a sound legal doc. I think thats all they really do as well as offer suggestions.

makes sense to write your own though not a professional because that way you completely understand all the ins and outs of your own company terms with no need to panic when negotiating with clients or being uncertain of what to do.

Just my thoughts. Hope it helps.