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CruzAccountant, post: 27697 wrote:
I guess everyone has their issues with those mainstream products.

No thats not an issue.. Its a deal breaker. You needed to install it as administrator.. you needed to be a user logged in with admin rights on the data directory, that program file and a couple of other bits and pieces to have it run. The schools version.. Yeah right.. we are going to give students and staff those sort of rights to the machine… cos we love reinstalling them daily. And the data has no protection. Wouldn’t want to be a disgruntled employee would we?. I suppose a backup might save you from the worst of that in a business environment.. Not going to change the fact that by far the easiest way to get this bit of software to run was to make everyone an administrator. Way to accidentally wipe out your computer system. Technically it was a bad bad bad thing.

Probably sorted now. Surely.

CruzAccountant, post: 27697 wrote:
Who would be your target market for CRM software then? It sounds like more of a sales & marketing tool.

Well no.. more of a keep track of the customer contacts tool

Give you an example. There is an australian mower manufacturer.. and there was a mower shop on the peninsula. The mower shop was into the manufacturer for 20 K ish.. and being chased heavily. He was paying cash for spares from another mower shop because he could not order spares. But the sales people were still giving him mowers to sell because they did not know… not talking to the accounts people.

See what I mean? If interactions with the client are all stored in one place thats not going to happen

Also…. Sales man turns up to see if say print shop needs anything. “No but I have been onto you guys 20 times.. my printer is broken.. and you said you would send someone out.. has not happened” Vs Salesman.. checking database. “Hi Bob.. freds coming around this arvo to sort your printer.. cannot do it myself I am afraid.. have no clue… but he is on his way. Meanwhile…… “

Or in my brothers case, Kathy is slowly sorting his system… keeps finding enough people who were never invoiced to more than pay for her. And he essentially is a one person shop