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John P
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Ive had contact with [business name removed] too & signed up without seeing or having been explained their terms & conditions.

How did you go with the Office of Fair trading? Are you in Queensland? I am in another state & I would have thought that they would have to abide bey each individual state’s legislation they have traded in.

I would really like to know how you went trying to get out without paying the full 2 years.



dontgetcaught, post: 23084 wrote:
I have advertised with [business name removed] and am currently trying to get out of the contract. Read all the terms and conditions of the contract carefully before signing up. Personally the ad has been a fizzer for me and I can not say that I have received a single job from it. I signed up on a 2 yr contract not reading the terms & conditions properly (learning the hard way). This advertising is automatically renewed. This means on a 2yr contract you must cancel your contract within the first 12 months. If like me you have a look at your contract after the 2yr period then you have already agreed to two more years without knowing about it. Lodging complaint with office of fair trading tomorrow.