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John P
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I have had contact with the ACCC on Monday. Because I was not made even shown the terms & conditions before signing, the ACCC advice I could claim for misleading & deceiving conduct which could invalidete the contract. One of the basic tenants of contracts is that you were aware of the conditions you were entering into. As these terms of agreement were unknown, I could not have entered into the contract in a legally binding way.

That is my approach so far. I will keep you posted. I would love the ACCC to close these guys down.

Hang in there,

dontgetcaught, post: 28808 wrote:
Hi John,

Office Of Fair Trading is a slow process as they require correspondence (eq. letters and emails) of you trying to get out of the contract with [business name removed] before they act on it. Still in the middle of that process. I have also done work for them and in lieu of payment I agreed to free advertising of which I did not receive (surprise). I am trying to use that to get out of future payments. Also, beware, I have talked to a couple of other small businesses that I know locally that are advertising with [business name removed]. There seems to be a common trend to over charge you for the first two years so that by the time you have realised that you have signed up for a third year you have already paid for half of it and then they kindly offer to reduce your payments for the remaining of your contract. If I find a way out I will be letting everyone know. Good luck!!!