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I did read with interest your explanation of what a Virtual Desktop was and I think the point was missed slightly.

The concept of a Virtual Desktop is to provide a desktop service / platform which would enable a user to access their desktop & applications from anywhere around the world and via a myriad of devices and have access to documents, emails and more (as if you had the same machine and same information at home and work)

For a single user, there is a benefit of this in that they can develop a desktop that can be accessed at home, on the road, at work, overseas and do not need to worry about replicating data across different machines or losing laptops etc, plus with added security of protection, backup and recovery, all under a monthly fee, thus reducing initial costs.

Sorry if I misread your comment, but I figured this would help explain to others that may not have understood your comment about the product you are selling.

Hope this helps further clarify the comment, more than willing to offer any further advice if required.