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hot dogz
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King, post: 14409 wrote:
I think there is a bit of work to be done on your site to bring it up to scratch.

Front page is mainly fluff – it does not answer the main question of how does it do it. In fact of the several pages I looked at, it still never told me. Can I integrate it with my shopping cart? is it simple code? Is it secure and to what level? Stuff that someone looking for a new payment system would want to know straight up.

Navigation on the site – the whole list of items on the sidebar need to be links – that is where navigation goes. Having it at the top is wrong, because as soon as you scroll, it is hidden.

Better use of screen real estate can be used on the home page. Get your designer to rework it so that everything can be seen on one screen, without the need to scroll.

I’d also suggest making the grey text darker, or even black. Its a basic usability issue evident there.

Also your sms prices are a bit high. If you want a cheaper base price to lower the price to customers, let me know.

I initially thought king was being a bit tough… but as I read on he was mentioning points I was going to ask you… like shopping cart.
I do feels its a clean site unlike many that go off like fireworks night and you don’t know where to look because things are flashing or moving so you back out and run because you feel like dizzy lizzy in there!