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Hi MattDK, A Newbie here

MattDK, post: 13665 wrote:
Hi everyone!

I’m a solo entrepreneur, and my main goal at the moment is moving from making money through coaching to a more automated income selling products on the internet.

I’m wanting to connect with like-minded people, and instead of going it alone so much, to increase my levels of performance and to add a social element. I’ve got a great business, I’m really amazing at it, and its growing fast.

My major sticking point I’d say at the moment is juggling different things, and working on my internet marketing plan daily as much as I’d like. It just doesn’t seem enough of a priority at times, although it really is. And I’m a huge fan of the four hour workweek, which really explains my direction.

Looking forward to meeting some inspiring people.


Hi Matt, my name’s Julian but people know me as Maxpower on some other forums. Very glad to meet some sensible people here. I am similar to you in that I want to do more passive online work to replace my renovation business. I am very interested in anything you have to talk about. Please tell me about your dating coach program. I would like to know what that’s all about. I have started a new dating website recently and I am keen to meet anyone generally with online business interests.

My interests specifically:
– Adwords
– Web design
– Web admin

Thanks for your post, any comment appreciated,